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Arise Mortgage Corp.
Provides Canadians an
Investment Opportunity
to be Your Own Bank
Through Mortgage

Result Focused, High Returns, Minimized Risk

With decades of experience behind us, we’ll help you navigate and invest in the BC mortgage market.

With a seemingly perpetual demand for properties in British Columbia and the tightening of mortgage regulations by the federal government, more and more people are turning to the private lending market to fill the gap between borrowers and traditional banks. Arise Mortgage helps investors facilitate that gap.

The British Columbia mortgage industry is carefully regulated, with particular attention paid to private lending and MICs. The industry is not without its challenges. With the experience behind Arise Mortgage, we will help you begin investing in the exciting market that is the British Columbia housing market. Because we are not a MIC, our lenders are given the opportunity to review potential investments and lending opportunities on a case-by-case basis – giving you the final decision on your level of risk and risk tolerance.

In addition to deciding on which deal to take on a case-by-case basis, you are also able to (to a degree) choose lending rates you would like to see on your funds. Many private mortgage investors regularly see investment rates between 7% and 15%.

If you are interested in becoming a mortgage investor and begin lending – or even just to learn more – get in touch with us, we’re happy to help.

Vancouver False Creek Condominiums Mortgage rates


All investments secured by real-estate through registered titles.

Regular Payments

Receive monthly payments on your investment through borrower payback.

Solid Returns

Rates of returns ranging from 7% – 15% per annum.

No Closing Costs

Borrowers are responsible for closing costs associated with lending.

British Columbia Canada

Stable, Long-Term Investments

At Arise Mortgage we offer investors the opportunity to become part of the private mortgage lending industry.

Some of the many key investor benefits include:

Your investments are always secured on the registered title.

Multiple diversifications of risk options available through a selection of locations, property values and borrower credibility.

Option to lend on first, second and third mortgages – with returns based on the associated risk.

Flexibility on types of investments – from commercial and residential properties to raw land.

Mortgage investment opportunities from: $50K – $100MIL

Property appraisals available

All loans are reviewed by lawyers for lender assurance.


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